niksoftware update

26 Apr

so i have been having a great time with niksoftware a great little plugin and so here are some of the photos ImageImageImageImage



7D high iso test

16 Apr

so as i said at the end of the last post i would challenge myself to shoot with high iso so i would get more comfortable with the performance of my gear and allow myself to be alright with how the photos turnout and besides the more interesting a photo is the less it matters about noise levels ImageImage

these are my Brands (sunday shoot)

15 Apr

the other day i did a little photo shoot just in my apartment with just what  had lying around and it was a nice experience to just relax and not need a ton of lights i mean it might have been a great addition but all used was a window to light the objects. make ordinary interesting is a wonderful challengeImageImageImage


11 Apr

i have downloaded niksoftware as a plugin for my lightroom 4 program lets see how this works and if i feel like its worth 299.99

spring photos park challenge

11 Apr

my challenge for today was to find photos in an ordinary scene so i picked my neighbourhood it is a rather boring area or well i think it is i pick a little park across the street. i was letting my eyes wander over the scene. these are  few of the photos i thought were alright IMG_2079 IMG_2064 IMG_2060 IMG_1992ImageImageImage Image


challenge #2 pinhole mode

3 Apr

so like the last challenge (black and white) this time it was the same but with the pinhole so i set my camera to the pinhole mode and set the camera to record only JPEG. and it helps by forcing me to think and live with the limitations of my cameras and instead of looking for new gear i am force to look for more interesting subjects so i think the next will be high iso with the canon 7D .


Grainy Black and white challenge #1

25 Mar

so today i did a challenge i took my PM1 and set it to record Jpeg and B/W Grainy film look and i found that since i wasn’t able to use raw i had to stop compose and make sure it is what i want  so in a way it was like shooting film. i know it wasn’t be as satisfying as shooting with film however it is cheaper to shoot with digital and it is quicker to share the tricky part was ignoring the temptation to flick back to normal RAW+jpeg which is what i am used to shooting with.