Various used cameras

20 Feb

So throughout that last couple days I have been using a couple different cameras that I bought used from henrys in an attempt to find the ideal second Camera to my Canon 7D the


The first camera that I tried for a couple days was the Sony alpha a6000 and I didn’t like the way it charged it uses the same method as a cell phone which I can see the convenience but I like having two batteries and one charging and one in the camera I know that I can buy a charger for then a6000 but I think that the camera should come with it. Do I exchanged the camera for the omd em5 from Olympus and I loved the camera it for the most part but I didn’t like the poor battery life I got less then 200 photos on a photo walk



Just finished at Henry’s Henrys

And finally I have a full frame camera I got the original Canon EOS 5D I thought long and hard about what I wanted I thought the Pentax k 5 mark2
Then I thought the Pentax k50 it comes with an eye-fi card that would have been neat but I’ve always wanted a full frame camera since I started well I would love a digital Leica but being a digital canon shooter I have some rather nice lenses so I ended up having to return the Canon 5D because it was giving me an error message and they didn’t have another one at Henrys so I ended up having to go and exchange it for the Pentax K 50 which I haven’t taken it for a nice longPhoto walk but I plan on doing that soon the photos that I’ve taken so far and it’s all been very easy and I really done too much just from home to work kind of thing I’ve been pleasantly surprised nice nice pictures good dynamic range performance so far has been great I think. Focusing of the Pentax is a little slow and
pretty good



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