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Always Have a Camera (Brigit inspired blog)

13 Nov

In my bag i always have at least one camera. I am always surprised to see what inspires me to create …it can be a person, a place a song…or even a moment. Just one or all of these can spark my creative fire and it causes me to drop whatever I am doing and pull out a camera to freeze the moment.

For example, the other night I had missed the last subway after spending a night with my girlfriend who offered to pay for a cab for me to get home but her being one of my¬† inspirational person in my life I said, “No, that is OK, I will walk home.” The route that I took home was a regular daytime photo walk route but I had never done it at night. The time spent with her was the spark I needed to get me thinking about creating something I felt to be special and something through which I could express joy and bliss after a wonderful