lenses progression

4 Feb

so last time i talked about the cameras i used this time its lenses

i didnt realize how many lenses i have used some were borrowed and some are are lenses i have owned 

so to start with

the 28-80 that was a cheap cheap lens but it really helped because when i got my rebel xti since i just bought it body only so it didnt come with a lens but then i quickly bought

the 50 1.8 that was a wonderful investment and i loved using it sharp and under valued so it was relatively inexpensive and was great for low light

then the 28-200 that was a great range but a little lacking in the image quality but i got a ton of great images out of it 

then i got the 24-105L lens that was a fantastic lens great range and quality was wonderful and it came with image stabilization (IS) and that was handy 

then my favorite lens of the lot my canon 70-200 L 2.8 SHARP! and i looked awesome with it on my camera (if i do say so) ((both 24-105 and 70-200 are wonderfully built ))

then i upgraded my 50mm lens to the 1.4 sharper then the 1.8 and better built to

then i got my lecia and with it came my summicron 50 which is dual range lens and my 90mm both f2 lenses

50mm summicron is a great little lens very strong and well built

the 90mm summicron wonderfully built again it feels like a tank

those are all lenses that i have owned and now ones that i have borrowed

so the 16-35L that is a great lens sharp from edge to edge and the 2.8 is handy to have in low light

 the 11-18 tamron that is i think another of the lenses i think is under valued like the 50 1.8 fairly sharp from end to end but it is a little noisy in terms of the the auto focus

and then i have shot with three of the 18-55 kit lenses for canon which the non IS and IS mark I-II

they worked relatively well for kit lenses. 

well thats is it for my lens progression to see the lens and specs check out the link below



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