progression of my digital cameras

2 Feb

so below is a link showing all the cameras i have used

so starting with the Fuji-film A200: i actually found this on the subway and i realized  how much fun it was to see the photos after i took it and thus began my education into digital photography and photography in general however  as i found it i didnt have the cables for it and so it was  bit of oh an issue and so i picked up my first multi card reader and was shooting with the fuji for about 3 years then i borrowed the olympus e330 nd that got me interested in the more manual control and then for a graduation gift my mum bought me a canon SD750 and that was great for a little bit but i missed the manual control of a dslr-like camera so i bought the G9 an that was a wonderful camera and it was my compact camera for years until the lens jammed and it wasnt worth the money to fix the G9 was the partner camer for my xti which was my intro to digital slr photo i took some of my favorite photos with that camera and then i got my
40D because i found a great deal then i sold that for my current canon 7D and then got my Olympus pm1 as my compact which works well enough




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