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the last two photowalks

11 Feb

Saturday February 9th

so the other day i went to Ward’s island and shot around for a little bit but alas i didn’t get enough time to properly explore i didn’t even get to visit the rectory cafe but throughout my walk i rediscovered the closeness that is experienced there there was a great game of shinny i know i am not much of a hockey fan by any means an but still there was such a warm feeling when i watch this in fact this is one of my favorite reasons to go there in the winter. some of the other reasons for me loving the island as a photo spot and also one can explore for hours on end or until your camera batteries die or you run out of film for your camera but i didn’t take my Leica i just did digital this time but i got to the island at around 330 and shot until the sun went down i think that i need an extra battery or two but my 7D did a lot of the work i still love to use it when it is not required that be discreet the quality is just that wonderful. and i was shooting with the Olympus for my wide shots and sometimes while the 7D was doing a longer exposure i would snap a shot with the pm1 but it was a productive walk  in the end  i came home with about 2400 photos between the two cameras here are a  few images i thought turned out

Sunday February 10th

Summerhill area

so yesterday i went for another romp with only the Olympus as my camera of choice for the day and i realized that my camera was set to ISO 640 in the middle of my walk because due to my transition lenses and the way my LCD screen on the camera is designed do i could not see the LCD screen very well but in the end i just worked through it and in the end the images weren’t to  bad when you shoot with a  high ISO it can look grainy but they werent noticeable but there is a quote i like and its f someone notices noise in your image it is boring so i like that and it is true the content of the image is more important then the noise and i seem to be one of those people that looks for noise before taking in the whole photo and it is a habit i am trying to break. but Chase Jarvis released a book called the best camera and he takes all the photos with an iPhone and not an iPhone 4 or 5 but the original iPhone psst instagram didn’t exist yet

but the images are so wonderfully inspirational that it makes one understand the ideal that the camera should not be the limit of your creativity cameras are merely tools and how you use it is up to you in fact on my Flickr page i have a set has photos from my blackberry and i am planning to continue that soon




the photos are below ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage



the hood

7 Feb

its a nice wonderful feeling to explore the city i might not have the enterprise and if i did i would have even more fun but to seek out a new spot in toronto henri cartier-bresson pointed out that it is hard to photograph in your own city but i find that picking the right location or subject it can be the most enlightening experience

photowalk:- High park

7 Feb

today i went for a photowalk in highpark and i didnt cover as much as i wanted but i did my best the park is big and with both my digital cameras i was able to cover a little of it and got a few good ones to


high park

7 Feb

went for a bit oh a hike  through high park today it was a beautifully blue day but it was cold but i still got a few good photos from the little walk Image

lenses progression

4 Feb

so last time i talked about the cameras i used this time its lenses

i didnt realize how many lenses i have used some were borrowed and some are are lenses i have owned 

so to start with

the 28-80 that was a cheap cheap lens but it really helped because when i got my rebel xti since i just bought it body only so it didnt come with a lens but then i quickly bought

the 50 1.8 that was a wonderful investment and i loved using it sharp and under valued so it was relatively inexpensive and was great for low light

then the 28-200 that was a great range but a little lacking in the image quality but i got a ton of great images out of it 

then i got the 24-105L lens that was a fantastic lens great range and quality was wonderful and it came with image stabilization (IS) and that was handy 

then my favorite lens of the lot my canon 70-200 L 2.8 SHARP! and i looked awesome with it on my camera (if i do say so) ((both 24-105 and 70-200 are wonderfully built ))

then i upgraded my 50mm lens to the 1.4 sharper then the 1.8 and better built to

then i got my lecia and with it came my summicron 50 which is dual range lens and my 90mm both f2 lenses

50mm summicron is a great little lens very strong and well built

the 90mm summicron wonderfully built again it feels like a tank

those are all lenses that i have owned and now ones that i have borrowed

so the 16-35L that is a great lens sharp from edge to edge and the 2.8 is handy to have in low light

 the 11-18 tamron that is i think another of the lenses i think is under valued like the 50 1.8 fairly sharp from end to end but it is a little noisy in terms of the the auto focus

and then i have shot with three of the 18-55 kit lenses for canon which the non IS and IS mark I-II

they worked relatively well for kit lenses. 

well thats is it for my lens progression to see the lens and specs check out the link below

progression of my digital cameras

2 Feb

so below is a link showing all the cameras i have used

so starting with the Fuji-film A200: i actually found this on the subway and i realized  how much fun it was to see the photos after i took it and thus began my education into digital photography and photography in general however  as i found it i didnt have the cables for it and so it was  bit of oh an issue and so i picked up my first multi card reader and was shooting with the fuji for about 3 years then i borrowed the olympus e330 nd that got me interested in the more manual control and then for a graduation gift my mum bought me a canon SD750 and that was great for a little bit but i missed the manual control of a dslr-like camera so i bought the G9 an that was a wonderful camera and it was my compact camera for years until the lens jammed and it wasnt worth the money to fix the G9 was the partner camer for my xti which was my intro to digital slr photo i took some of my favorite photos with that camera and then i got my
40D because i found a great deal then i sold that for my current canon 7D and then got my Olympus pm1 as my compact which works well enough