welcome to my photo blog (the wandering torontonian)

13 Jan

so  this is where i will post what i think are my best photos

for those who dont know i am an amateur photographer and shutter bug i have been into photography for about six years and i love it. i love the way i can document and explore my city (Toronto) and capturing memories and moments that might not happen again. and displaying for other people how i see things

for what it is worth i own the fallowing gear

canon 7D

Leica M2

photographers that inspire me

  • henri cartier-bresson
  • Chris marquardt
  • Chase Jarvis
  • vivian maier
  • Zack Aries
  • Jasmin star
  • ansel adams

other artists that inspire me

  • Christina LeClair
  • Colin James
  • Slash
  • Josh Groban
  • Colin James
  • Sir Robert Laird Borden
  • Emma Watson
    • Kai Wong – DigitalRev TV Presenter
    • Bob Marley

where to go to see more of my stuff



first photo up


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