The Ramble

13 Jan

my main reason for loving my art if i get to convey how i see my world and while showing emotion of an idea or to get people thinking about the image and what i went through i love when my images get a person wondering about something because of the image i love street photography cause it is always changing i mean you can walk down a street everyday and see something different and capturing someone doing something and having the viewer wondering what the person could be thinking then or a landscape image the viewer sees an image and is like i wish i could go there or i feel like I’m there or “this makes me feel” is one of the best compliment i like getting not “nice picture” that is fine but to get someone thinking and feeling after looking at my stuff is a great feeling and going and stumbling on to that image is so awesome to find something of in a portrait shoot working together with the model to make an imagetired yet as apposed you to just telling the person to stand there and smile….


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