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night fog

30 Jan

last night it was wonderfully foggy and after i went to see the Hobbit for the second time a friend and i went out for a little photowalk and last night had a few challenges first since it was last minute i didnt bring a tripod or a fastr lens i was only shooting with my PM1 and as such it is a great little camera but there are limitations to the camera for one at night the camera has issues focusing and so alot of the time i find it tends to search a lot another limitations was the lens it wasn’t my brightest and so i had to set the camera to a higher iso but it the end my little pm1 was a great camera for the walk it was great to have a little camera with a punch and in a pinch and it helped me to think outside the box.   OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


paying the price

24 Jan

yesterday i went out shooting in -21 and am afraid to say i got myself a cold but i go some decent shots but i am paying the price “ACHOO”Image


cold day shooting

24 Jan


today i went out again and it was like -21 now i used my pm1 but as its tiny and doesnt do great in cold i brought my other two cameras the 7D never quit and my M2 well i am getting that developed soon and i will be uploading them… i hope

editing to pink floyd with a coffee all i am missing is a fireplace. how do you motivate yourselves

Image 21 Jan

When I go for a photo walk I dress appropriately but one downside is my little cameras I find it hard to shoot while waring big gloves

Why the olympus pm1

21 Jan

i got the pm1 because it is less intrusive then my 7D and more compact then my dslr and i can use my Leica lenses its is so nice to be able to not have to lug my big black camera and i love my pm1 for street photography and the art filters are great fun

night photography

18 Jan

i love shooting at night when it is quiet and making exposures last for seconds at a time Image



15 Jan