Always Have a Camera (Brigit inspired blog)

13 Nov

In my bag i always have at least one camera. I am always surprised to see what inspires me to create …it can be a person, a place a song…or even a moment. Just one or all of these can spark my creative fire and it causes me to drop whatever I am doing and pull out a camera to freeze the moment.

For example, the other night I had missed the last subway after spending a night with my girlfriend who offered to pay for a cab for me to get home but her being one of my  inspirational person in my life I said, “No, that is OK, I will walk home.” The route that I took home was a regular daytime photo walk route but I had never done it at night. The time spent with her was the spark I needed to get me thinking about creating something I felt to be special and something through which I could express joy and bliss after a wonderful



it has been a while

14 Sep

with my new job i haven’t had a lot of time to update 

you know that i use a lot of equipment film and digital DLSRs and point and shoots
Zack Arias says: that if you can only afford one piece of photographic equipment then rock it take that one camera that one lens and use it till you know it back to front and sideways use it until you know where its sweet spot is where it weak spot is where its vignettes i shot with my 50mm for nearly four years and i only used it and i know its pros and cons of the lens. it looks like its been through a weed-wacker but its my go to lens and i know it like the back of my hand and i know my Canon 7D i know its flaws… yes it has flaws.

now that i have covered the old on to the new stuff

40mm 2.8 its a lens that its cute and under appreciated i have shot about 500 photos with it its nice quiet and lightweight with good image quality as its a prime Image

the next new lens is a tamron a 18-270 and as an all around lens its a good lens to take on a photo walk with in fact i take it and my 50mm 1.4 more then my 40mm 2.8 and it give me the slightly faster aperture.  when it gets darker


now on to film i got a new leica

its a leica mini 2 which i got for the quick convenience it has a nice  lens and in automatic Image

thats it for now



21 Jul

new member of the family


24 Jun

so i have sold the old olympus pm1 and i have gotten the Pentax MX1
and it is an awesome camera i love it IMG_0055

do my photos tell a story?

6 Jun

i have just finished a documentary “the impassioned eye” and in it one of the photographers said that all great photos tell a story and so i have been wondering if mine pose a story i mean in a way guess it tells a story of where i was that day but do photos hide a story and only tell the viewer is the story a secret to even me and are they individualized stories?

IMG_7766 IMG_7613 IMG_7606 IMG_7591 ImageIMG_7521

niksoftware update

26 Apr

so i have been having a great time with niksoftware a great little plugin and so here are some of the photos ImageImageImageImage


7D high iso test

16 Apr

so as i said at the end of the last post i would challenge myself to shoot with high iso so i would get more comfortable with the performance of my gear and allow myself to be alright with how the photos turnout and besides the more interesting a photo is the less it matters about noise levels ImageImage


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